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Road safety : Your safety is on your hand

While on road your safety is almost always on your hand. Below are few tips to help you enhance your road safety sense

Facts and figures

  • 13.5 Lacs ( 1.35 million ) people die every year on road accidents
  • Low income countries have 1% of World’s vehicles but 13% of all deaths due to road accidents.
  • High income countries have 40% of World’s vehicles but 7% of all deaths due to road accidents.
  • Controlling speed reduces road traffic injuries and deaths. For every 1% increase in mean speed there is a 4% increase in risk of a fatal crash.

Being responsible does pay off

  • Drinking alcohol and driving increases the risk of a crash.
  • A good quality helmet reduce the risk of death from a road crash. It reduces death by 42% & severe injury by 69%.
  • Wearing seat-belt reduces the risk of injury and death among front seat occupants 45-50% and Rear-seat occupants 25%

The Driver’s / Rider’s attitude and qualities matter a lot on the matter of road safety

A good driver/ rider always set a good example by showing

  • Responsibility
  • Concentration
  • Patience
  • Expertise
  • Anticipation

Aggression never helps on road

Tips to avoid road rage
  • Don’t offend
  • Be tolerant and forgiving
  • Don’t respond to aggressive comments

Using mobile phones on the road are very dangerous

  • Do not use mobile phones while driving. using mobile phone increases chances of accidents by 40%.


When being overtaken

  • Never increase speed
  • Reduce speed if required
  • Give way to overtaking vehicle

Riding in rain, Mist or Fog

  • Use low beam headlight in fog or heavy rain for better vision.
  • Avoid using the high beam as it reflects on rain or fog and cause glare.

Riding through a water log

  • Keep in low gear.
  • Keep your engine running fast to prevent water entering the exhaust.
  • Try to ride where water is shallow.
  • Test your brakes when you are out of water.

The road that starts at home must end at home. Hell and heaven can wait.

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