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5 simplest secrets of happiness

What happiness means to you may differ from what happiness means to another person. But in overall all living species on earth do seek for peace of mind. Peace of mind is the seed of happiness and from there one grows to a tree of happiness of her/his choice.

Below are five simplest secrets of happiness.

1. Sleep Well

One can never be happy with inadequate sleep. It is a pure biological truth. Sleep is a prime requirement for peace of mind and happiness .

2. Control stress

Eliminating stress completely from life is never possible however you can control your response to various things to control your stress. The source of tensions could be financial, could be related to relationship issues, might be triggered by a diseases or could be anything that lead you to lose your peace of mind. Instead of getting worried or tensed you can explore and chose strategies to figure out the solution and curate your response accordingly. Remember life is just 1% what happens to you and 99% how you respond to it.

3. Be physically active

If someone is spending her/his whole day in a couch and wants to be happy, it may not be possible. Physical activity either by exercise or by any other means is essential for your happiness and overall well being. Once again it is biology and you just can not bypass it.

4. Take action, Get the things done

Instead of pondering a lot, start taking action. Action results into progress. Progress is happiness and satisfaction. A satisfied day is filled up with actions and progress. Nothing boosts emotion, perception and motivation more than making progress in meaningful work.

5. Be socially active

It is one of the missing links of happiness. Getting surrounded by close friends, spending time with them can make us happier. Make sure that you have more quality friendships than quantity of friends. Join with friends for a good conversation. Join a local volunteer group. Get involved in volunteering activities.

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