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Ensuring Ergonomic Well-being while working from home

  • Choose a location with limited distractions and ample natural lighting.
  • Avoid direct glare on the display screen from windows or luminaries.
  • Chose a chair and desk preferably for working and kindly refrain from sitting on a lounge/ bed/stool.
  • Maintain neutral body posture, with back straight, and avoid leaning forward or slouching
  • Maintain proper monitor-eye distance (an arm’s length away) and eye level just along the top of the monitor screen.
  • Ensure that the keyboard and mouse are at the same level.
  • Feet should be rested on the ground else put your feet up on a stool or footrest.
  • Change your posture often – keep changing your posture every half an hour to ensure you are not static. If possible, alternate between sitting and standing posture for best ergonomic benefit.
  • Work, take a break every 30 mins, do stretches for 2-3 mins and go back to work – Follow this regime to keep yourself ergonomically fit.

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