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Tips to have quality sleep to stay healthy

Sleep is one of the four pillars of staying healthy other three being healthy diet, regular exercise and stress management. Quality sleep is one of the most ignored things in modern world due to mobile phones, tablets , laptops or TVs which are often interfering with our sleep schedule. Late night parties and conversations have become a new normal. Over the past few decades, both sleep quality and quantity has declined which is causing damage to our health and quality of life in such a manner that we remain unaware of it. Remember quality sleep is paramount for good health, there is no substitute for it. Below are few tips to have good quality sleep.

1. Stay committed to sleep schedule

All you need to do is to be disciplined. You need to show great commitment towards your sleep schedule. You must go to bed and wake up as per the schedule. If you are a shift worker you might face trouble with your sleeping schedule due to changing schedule. So to compensate that you must take care of the other stated factors below to improve your sleep quality despite the trouble with the schedule.

2. Set up the sleeping environment

Try to have a noise free dark environment. If you are living in places where you are supposed to be affected by mosquitos etc. put a mosquito net. Silent your phone and other gadgets. Hang a don’t disturb notice on your door. Sleep in comfort.

3. Avoid certain foods close to bed time

Don’t consume caffeine or alcohol close to bed time. Avoid heavy meals and eat light meals two hours before your sleeping schedule. Also don’t go to bed hungry.

4. Be physically active

Regular physical activity can promote better sleep. However do not exercise too close to your bed time.

5. Relax

You need to manage your concerns and anxiety before you hit the bed. If something is concerning you then try to make strategies and action plans to mitigate that concern rather than getting worried or stressed over it. Prepare a to-do list, arrange things on priority over there. Listening to light music and mediation also helps you to be relaxed. Lack of sleep also causes stress and anxiety, so it is kind of vicious cycle. So having a good sleep is also helpful to keep you composed.

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